It’s just the fashion.. or is it

Certain films catch the attention of the fashion world, and Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby was bound to be one of them. Not only is it a mesmerisingly decadent story, with Scott Fitzgerald’s lyrical descriptions of parties, fast cars, cocktails and long lost love positively glittering off the page, but the flamboyant and opulent aesthetic that Luhrmann brings to all his films (Moulin Rouge; Romeo and Juliet) guarantees a real visual spectacle this time round.

We predict that the demand for deco detailing will spread beyond fashion to encompass everything from fine jewellery to homewares – so now is the time to go for a spin in a yellow Rolls Royce, listen to ‘Ain’t We Got Fun?’ on vinyl, shake up an illicit cocktail and enjoy…

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