Our Newest Friend.. Birdsville Bird Shop!

We here at Medusa share many of our thoughts and friends with you, our newest and brightest friend is Birdsville Bird Shop! Such a fabulous shop with an array of different species, ranging from the magestic Macaws For Sale, the gorgeous Ecelctus Parrots For Sale a personal favourite of our wonderful proprietor Terry Kaljo and of course the gentle and beautiful Quaker Parrots For Sale.

Better yet some adorable little Finches For Sale, the easiest birds in the world to look after, yet can also be the best looking birds with all their different breeds and colours! Or make your mark with a loved one and purchase the most romantic present, a pair of Lovebirds For Sale.

One of the better pet birds would be Cockatiels For Sale without a doubt these gorgeous characters are beautifully hand tamed, like most of the birds from the spectacular Birdsville. And if it’s hand tamed birds you want – then it’s hand tamed birds you got with the following available:

Lori and Lorikeets For Sale

Galahs For Sale

Sun Conures For Sale

King Parrot For Sale

Of course we can’t forget that not only does this amazing shop sell the most special birds it also sells all their accesories and feed! With a huge range of Bird Cages For Sale and a fabulous range of Bird Accessories For Sale.

Also available at Birdsville Bird Shop:

Budgerigars For Sale

African Grey Parrot For Sale

Canary For Sale

Cockatoos For Sale

Doves For Sale

For more information contact Ashley Fleming at Birdsville Bird Shop, 9667 2555.

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